Art, Tea and Talks event at Burgh House, Hampstead

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As part of the ‘Art, Tea and Talks’ events at Burgh House in Hampstead, London, a sold-out ‘In Conversation’ about photographer Shirley Baker took place on Sunday 21st April.

James Hyman, the founder of the Centre for British Photography, was in conversation with Shirley Baker’s daughter Nan, to discuss Shirley’s life and work. The short talk was fascinating, with memories of Shirley fondly recounted by Nan.

Shirley’s formative years as a photographer were discussed – a time when it was not easy for a woman to enter the world of photography as it was regarded as a career more suited to men. Not only was Shirley unable to acquire the necessary press permits due to union restrictions on women, but her photographs were uncredited, a move that is now rightfully viewed as disrespectful and denied her the chance of career advancement.

James and Nan discussed Shirley’s passion for documenting the Manchester ‘slums’, as they were referred to, and her keen eye for recording the communities who had to watch their streets turned into rubble before their eyes.

The discussion was followed by a lively and informative Q+A session.

Burgh House, Hampstead
James Hyman is the founder of the Centre for British Photography.
The talk was a collaboration with Gabrielle du Plooy, Managing Director of Women In Art, Women In Art Prize, Zebra One Gallery, Hampstead