New Limited Edition boxset (100 copies) including 6 books and 2 prints developed by Cafe Royal Books. The book titles are as follows:
Dogs 1960s – 1980s (36 pages),
London 1980s (32 pages),  
Early Colour Hulme Manchester 1965 (36 pages),
Couples and Faces 1960s – 1980s (32 pages),
Manchester and Salford Children 1960s (32 pages),
Punks 1980s (24 pages),
2 prints each 20cm x 14cm, 250 gsm paper digitally printed in England.
Slipcase hand made in England.
Price is £48 plus P&P.

If you would like to order a limited edition boxset please contact Shirley’s daughter Nan by emailing

Bundle of 5 Cafe Royal Books
Bundle of 5 small books by Cafe Royal for £30

1 Manchester and Salford Children in the 1960s, Shirley Baker
2 Manchester and Salford on Holiday in the 1960s, Shirley Baker
3 British Seaside 1960-1970, Shirley Baker
4 Punks 1980s, Shirley Baker
5 Manchester and Salford Golden Age, Shirley Baker

Individual books can be purchased for £6.50 each

To purchase, contact

SHIRLEY BAKER, words by Lou Stoppard, MACK, £35 
To purchase a copy, contact
Dog Show, 1961-1978,  Hoxton mini press, UK, £14.95        
To purchase a copy, contact
Shirley Baker. Without a Trace – Manchester and Salford in the 1960s,
The History Press, UK, £20      
To purchase a copy, contact
Women and Children; and Loitering Men (2015),
The Photographer’s Gallery, UK    
Streets and Spaces: Urban Photography (2000), Salford,
The Lowry,  £50      
To purchase a copy, contact
Street Photographs: Manchester and Salford (1989),
Newcastle upon Tyne, Bloodaxe Press, UK