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We’re pleased to share the announcement that there’s a brand new show of Shirley Baker prints called How We Were. This exhibition has just opened at the Museum of Youth Culture’s basement gallery at Fouberts Place, off Carnaby St, in central London.

It’s not been an easy year for any of our institutions – and that includes galleries and museums, who have had to close their doors. Therefore we’re delighted to be able to show some of Shirley’s most iconic images of exuberant youth culture in the heart of London.

Shirley was a street photographer and she captured many images of young people. The streets were their playground and where they spent most of their time, enjoying a sense of freedom that somehow seems lost to us today. There is a strong sense of community in Shirley’s images with people of all ages converging on their front steps to chat and watch over the children.

As the Museum of Youth Culture states, the work “showcases the tender grit of 1960s Manchester youth culture in contrast to the sanitisation of the current pandemic.”

The Museum of Youth Culture also has a pop-up shop featuring clothes, gifts and posters. We hope you can pop in over the festive season and enjoy the gallery experience once again.

If that’s not possible, you can view the exhibition online here

How We Were, Museum of Youth Culture, 14-16 Fouberts Place, London
Open 11 – 7pm Monday to Saturdays. 12 – 6pm Sundays

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