Shirley Baker photograph of three children skipping in the road

Tate Britain shows works by Shirley Baker in a new display about industry

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We are very pleased to announce that several street photographs of Shirley Baker’s will be going on show at Tate Britain shortly. The work will be included in a “Spotlight” display and it opens on 13th December, to run for eight months. Spotlights are part of the Tate’s regularly changing in-depth displays on specific artists or themes.

The display is titled After Industry: Communities in Northern England 1960s-80sThe selection of images document the lives of working-class people in Salford and Manchester in the 1960s and ‘70s, during government-mandated housing clearances. 

Shirley explained why she felt compelled to photograph these areas of her home town in such a detailed and intimate fashion: “Whole streets were disappearing, and I hoped to capture some trace of the everyday life of the people who lived there. I wanted to photograph the mundane, even trivial aspects of life not being recorded by anyone else.”

After Industry: Communities in Northern England 1960s-80s will commence 13th December.
Tate Britain. Timed tickets are required for all visitors.