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Every dog has its day at this new Shirley Baker exhibition

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Dog lovers will be thrilled to know there is an up and coming exhibition to open at London’s Kennel Club called For the Love of Dog: Pour L’amour du Chien. The exhibition, to open on 4th November, highlights Shirley Baker’s photography of our canine friends – perhaps a lesser known subject and maybe surprising to some, but pets were often a feature of her work.

Shirley was first and foremost a documentarian, street photographer and observer of everyday life throughout her photographic work. Yet in her everyday life which was shared between her homes in England and France, dogs and their owners often proved to be a subject that she returned to again and again. She was fascinated by the relationship between pets and owners and the photographs are, as with her other subjects, often amusing in her customary gentle way.

The exhibition showcases her work not only technically and creatively but offers an insight into Shirley’s affection and admiration of our four-legged friends and the special relationship dogs have with their humans. Shirley was amused by the way that dogs often resembled their owners – as is evident from several of the photographs.

This exhibition will be an open calling card to any dog lover to visit The Kennel Club’s unique and ‘dogs are welcome’ gallery. For the Love of Dog: Pour L’amour du Chien will appeal to not only photography enthusiasts and art enthusiasts but anyone that shares the the artists love of dogs.

For the Love of Dog: Pour L’amour du Chien will be on from 4th November to 1st April 2022, at The Kennel Club Arts Gallery, 10 Clarges Street, London W1J 8AB. You are able to bring your dog on a lead, and all visits are by appointment only, till 6pm evenings. Please book with the gallery