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James Hyman Gallery presents A Different Age

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The lockdown period during Coronavirus has been especially difficult for the elderly in our communities. With this in mind, Nan Levy, daughter of Shirley Baker, decided to devote a new exhibition to depictions of older people and got together with James Hyman Gallery to realise this vision. The exhibition is called A Different Age.

As Nan recounts, Shirley took particular notice of society’s senior citizens and many were featured in her street photographs, often sitting, chatting and interacting with the wider community and taking obvious pleasure from being able to feel a part of it. The sense that the older folk were a valued and vital part of the wider community is evident. 


Nan explains: “We are now starting to see the start of the ease of lockdown and with that we can begin to step outside, enjoy the sunshine and play sport. Sadly our elderly folk are still advised to stay safe at home, unable to see their loved ones or enjoy simple pleasures such as going to the park. I have gathered together a collection of Shirley’s photographs taken from the mid 60s to the mid 80s; these show older people enjoying their daily lives in the community in a way that is not possible at the moment. 

A Different Age is co-curated by James Hyman Gallery and features 20 images, includes rare colour work as well as several iconic black and white images, all from the 1960s, 70s and 80s, taken mainly around Manchester and Salford.

The exhibition A Different Age is available to view on the James Hyman Gallery website from 22 June to 24 July. 

Writer: Olivia Rosen